Benidorm: Booze and bellies in a beautiful setting.

Think of Benidorm and you probably think of boozed-up Brits, beer bellies, stag parties and tacky tattoos.

You’d be right, of course, but there is so much more to the city than that.

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Baker spends 100 HOURS crafting amazing life-like sloth out of cake… with thick pelt of edible fur made using six boxes of Shredded Wheat

A British cake artist has joined forces with fellow bakers from around the world in order to raise awareness of endangered animals.

Vicki Smith, 27, from Flint, North Wales, is part of a collaboration of 28 renowned bakers that make up the group ‘Bakers Unite to Fight’.

Each member of the group have created 3D sculpted cakes in the form of different endangered species to be put on display at an international cake exhibition next month.

And Vicki’s contribution is nothing short of a masterpiece – a lifelike, fully edible sculpture of a Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth from Panama, of which there believed to be fewer than 500 left.

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Husky needs Help

A husky puppy has miraculously survived having the fur and skin torn from his lower body when he got crushed under a BUS – only moments after being rescued by a good Samaritan.

Eight-month-old pup Max had been found wandering the streets of Edgware, North London, last Thursday, by a passer-by.  

The good Samaritan was on the phone to a local vet when Max suddenly left his side and ran into the road.

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Lego Exhibition

An exhibition showcasing LEGO versions of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks is touring around the UK.

The exhibition is the brain child of Edinburgh based artist Warren Elsmore who spent more than two years creating over 70 sculptures that include Rio’s Chris The Redeemer statue, Washington’s Lincoln Memorial and The Collesium in Rome.

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